Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Trade from the Quarry

I recently completed a trade with Cards from the Quarry, who is a devout Rockies fan. He should be receiving his package shortly, which contained a slew of Rockies cards, the prize of which was a Troy Tulowitzki relic. This is my first trade in a long time, but after rediscovering how awesome it is to receive cards in the mail I hope to have many more here soon. Anyway, here's what I got in addition to gang of Brewers, Warriors and Blazers cards:
 A Giancarlo Stanton card that showcases his defensive abilities.

And a pair of nice Felix Hernandez parallels. Again, I'm expanding my King Felix collection! Then the booty of the trade:

 A couple Andrew McCutchen parallels from 2014 Topps. Since I have two already I might as well try for a sort of rainbow thing for McCutchen, so if anyone has any other parallels of him I'd love to talk trades.

I always love trades like this. I knew the McCutchens were coming, but had little idea as to what else and it's always nice to find surprises. The silk Hernandez was a huge surprise. Hopefully, I was able to do the same sending some surprises to the Quarry as well.

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  1. Glad you liked it and I am sure I will enjoy what you send as well. Thanx a bunch.


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