Thursday, October 31, 2013

MLB 2013 Wrap-Up: Congrats Red Sox

I've been a rather outspoken hater of the Red Sox in recent years. That's been directed towards a few bandwagon fans I've encountered. It was partly due to them stealing Carl Crawford (at the time a big move I was opposed of) and signing the likes of John Lackey, Adrian Gonzalez, etc.

I just didn't like the loveable loser mentality that accompanied a team with a payroll over $100 million.

This team was different and I tip my cap.

Yes, you still gave more money that most teams could to Mike Napoli, Shane Victorino and Johnny Gomes, but that's alright. I actually enjoyed watching David Ortiz murder the Cardinals' pitching staff and Jon Lester was nothing short of spectacular.

Since all who read this blog are die hard baseball fans I hope we can all respect the Red Sox run. And I suppose it's nice that they got to win one in Fenway.

Note to Red Sox fans: You are no longer loveable losers, you are now perennial threats, so you can't play that card. Your loveable loser membership doesn't get renewed until another 50+ year drought. I have a feeling that isn't a problem.

Congrats to Carlos Gomez and the Gold Glove and fingers crossed for next year. Here's a festively scary Red Sox card for your Halloween pleasure:

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