Monday, September 2, 2013

Vintage Beckett Goodness

Since about 1990 Beckett Magazine has been blessing card collectors with a value that arbitrarily dictates the cards "worth". While most card shops will sell the card for low-book value or half of high book value (and some cheaper) Beckett continues to bless us with these weird valuations that are about as accurate as the guys on Storage Wars trying to justify buying a locker, "Collection of cards... that's a $1,000 bill." I guess Beckett is a tool to justify Topps and other companies for charging $3 for a pack of 3 cards.

When I was a kid I loved Beckett because to me having a $20 card was the same as having a car is for me today, but who cares about the value. Some of my favorite cards are "worth" $5-10, but I'd never trade them for equal value. I guess it just really bothers me when people claim to have a $5,000 card collection (go ahead check Craigslist there will be some on there). As my Dad never failed to remind me; something is only worth what you can get somebody to pay for it.

Now I collect cards with complete disregard to Beckett. Not only are their values pretty off (it would be much more effective to do an avg. of eBay sales for a given card), but I also don't care what the cards I "worth". I collect what I want and try to trade what I don't want. I have no idea what my collection is "worth" in the eyes of Beckett, but I know it's value to me and that's all I need.

And with that little rant about Beckett here are some nice covers from older Beckett's that I picked up at a garage sale. The best part is all the price stickers are on a sleeve and not the actual cover. If you're interested in trading for any leave a comment (I have about 20 total if you want to inquire).  Also, interested in your thoughts on Beckett.

 I could be wrong, but I bet Griffey appeared on a Beckett once a year from 1991-2000 and deservedly so.
 Issue # 2 of the Future Stars edition. They nailed it with Frank Thomas and Shaq is on the back are the prophets?
 The second Beckett Basketball card issue with The Admiral on the cover.
Classic Piazza.

I also have Issue 100 with Jackie Robinson on the cover!


  1. Beckett's prices are about as unrealistic as my son's Christmas list. It just ain't happening.

  2. You hit the nail on the head with your description of Beckett Value!

  3. I collect past issues of Beckett too. I love seeing their Hot/Cold lists and reading their articles. But my favorite part is definitely the Reader's Write. As for their values... they're a joke. Albeit an entertaining joke.

    1. Yeah I enjoy the articles as well. And they have the authority on grading service, but their valuations are whack. I haven't bought one in a bout 5 years, so who knows it could be better?

  4. I remember when Beckett Football first came out. I bought the first issue (and the next 10-15) and protected because I thought it would be worth something someday. Ha. I think its still in a box somewhere.....

  5. Oh, the Hot List! I remember the '89 UD Griffey rookie ws on top that thing for months.


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