Monday, August 5, 2013

90's Cardboard: Guess who's back

Biogenesis, Biogenesis, Tony Bosch, Biogenesis. It's been a weird Monday. We all knew this was coming and many figured A-Rod would appeal and play tonight squeezing the last drop out of his major league career. In general I hate this, but I get the process. The whole A-Rod thing has broken my heart for years he was my favorite player, one of the first players I remember seeing for the Mariners and sure-fire Hall of Famer.

The most terrifying part about PEDs to me is that I've read the only way these guys get caught is by going off their regimen or having a Biogenesis like scandal break. I like to assume every other player is clean, but that's not likely. I mean how easy would it be a guy to PED up in the off season and put on more muscle than the next guy who isn't? I guess you make an example out of these guys and get the game as clean as you can. On a lighter note here's about 28 90's die-cuts of A-Rod sporting the Mariners logo, what says 90's cardboard like die-cuts and PEDs. I'd like to think this was a clean A-Rod, but who really knows?


  1. Nice A-Rod 90's insert collection. Love seeing all of those die-cuts, holograms, lenticulars, acetates, and foil cards.

  2. Minus the subject matter, those are some sweet looking cards. Love some of the old '90s inserts.


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