Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Well Crap...

I can't say that I'm surprised about last nights news and the suspension of Ryan Braun. I'm a bit surprised it came last night, but I had feeling the chips were going to fall. The only thing that grinds my gears is that the agreement between Braun and the MLB is to keep the details of the case private information. I think the fans deserve to know because there's still a lot of questions. Was this stemming from Braun's over-turned positive test? Was Braun using his whole career? Was he using last season? How did he not get caught if he was? Can we give the sample collector his job back? Can we give Matt Kemp the 2011 NL MVP?

Not that Braun's positive test influenced his MVP numbers (you'll remember the test was from the Brewers NLDS series over the Diamondbacks), but it sounds to me like Braun had been using prior to that. Not to mention the All-Star starts he likely stole from people. And who's to say that had Braun not been using that the D'backs wouldn't have won that series, possibly over-taken the Cardinals in the NLCS and won the World Series.

This is why PED use is such a huge issue. Not only does it change record books with inflated home run numbers, but it changes the course of history. Personally, 65 games and $3.25 million in forfeited salary is not enough for a guy who's still got a ton of money on his contract. I guess I expect the fans, critics, analysts and Hall of Fame voters to make up for the rest of his punishment.

I agree with Trevor Hoffman's assertion for handling PED users. He said that they should forfeit their numbers. I'd say they should also forfeit their awards. Granted, Barry Bonds is sitting on more MVP trophies than Michael Jordan and never tested positive, so what would you do about those? I guess those would have to stay, but as for Braun and the other players in this scandal. Their numbers should be wiped clean, just like a college that forfeits wins in football the games happened, but they don't count. Writers, voters and fans already write a guy off anyway, so why do we have to look at graphics on in-game broadcasts that say so-and-so is the first guy to do such-and-such since Giambi, Rodrigues, Bonds, Sosa, McGwire or Braun?

As a fan this will be tough. Braun will return in 2014 and probably still be the Brewers best player. I want my team to do well and no doubt I'll be cheering every time he hits a bomb. At least the Brewers have some other young guys to root for like; Carlos Gomez and Jean Segura. Suffice it to say this may be the worst year in the history of the franchise given the losing record and huge scandal. Although it doesn't appear to be any of the Brewers management's fault.

I guess I'll have to change my header now. Well crap...


  1. Forfeiting their numbers would open up a can of worms. It would lower the opposing pitchers' numbers or for pitchers that use, it would inflate the opposing batters' numbers, too. I'm sure Trevor Hoffman's ERA would go down a bit if he could wipe all of Barry Bonds' at-bats off his own records. But who's to say he would've had as many save opportunities? You can't just neatly remove all traces of the PED-users without it totally effing up the results of everything left.

    MLB just needs to document what happened and add context where appropriate while doing their best to prevent more stuff like this from happening in the future.

    1. Yeah I'd agree with that it's difficult to remove everyone's numbers because it has a ripple effect. I still think that you can disregard an individual players numbers when discussing individual records. So A-Rods 600 HR still happened, still won ball games, and still affected pitcher's era's, but he doesn't get any individual credit in the 500 HR club or on the All-Time list.

  2. I am as anti-PED as possible, but this is an impossible situation. If you only draw the line on people actually aught, there are a ton of other obvious guys. Bonds is a no-brainer, but since he wasn't caught his numbers stand? This is why I hate PED's and what they have done to the sport and statistics which I loved.

    1. Yes I think we hate PEDs with a passion. And it's probably best to not mess with the record books. I guess it's up to each person to draw their own conclusions on things. I personally count Maris and Aaron as the season and career Home Run Kings. I just feel like a lot of things get lost in the shuffle and if the MLB has hard factual evidence or an admission (as it seems in this Braun case) then they should be able to make some adjustments. I don't see why if the MLB had factual evidence that Braun used in 2011 they couldn't rule that he should've been suspended and give Matt Kemp the MVP trophy. It probably wouldn't mean much to Kemp now, but honestly I'd rather have no record of a 2011 NL MVP that know that it was won on PEDs.

      It's quite the cluster, but I hope the way Braun and presumably A-rod go down in this thing stops a lot of players from thinking about doing this and we can get back to baseball.


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