Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cardboard Heaven: A Magazine

So I messed around and made this:
This is just a large picture of the cover. Please click on the image or here for the full version it should come up as a .pdf file, but I'm just messing around with the best way to make it available for download.You'll find this on the last page, but I wanted to put it in the body of the post as well:

Hey Everyone,

This is my first run at putting together a magazine-style collection of posts. I just wanted to bring a little more to the table than what my blog was currently offering. I was hoping to add a little more design to my posts and provide any of my readers with a little more entertainment.

The words covering these pages are mostly that of my opinion and encourage any of you to contribute comments or posts of your own. If you like it let me know and I’ll try to keep doing it. If you don’t like it let me know what I can work on. Keep in mind that writing and design does take some time, so some of the pieces lag behind a bit. If any of you would like to write a post or suggest a topic please feel free to contact me.

Hopefully you all enjoy the first run of my digital publication.

Thank you,

Cameron from Cardboard Heaven


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm sure why it cut some of the color out of the title text, it doesn't look like that until I compiled it into a .pdf. I tried to fix it, but after 20 minutes I gave up haha.

  2. Great job! I can always use another cardboard magazine subscription.


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