Thursday, July 18, 2013

90's Cardboard: Jason Giambi Dove Once...

... and was lucky enough to have a photographer from Topps there to capture that moment. Only the fans present at The Coliseum on that fateful afternoon will know whether or not he caught the ball. I imagine that the ball is still about 10 feet from the sliding Giambi and that he's just giving it the college try. Either way I think this literally might be one of Giambi's only diving plays. Go ahead do a Google search for Jason Giambi Diving, too lazy? That's ok I did it for you. Not exactly a smorgasbord of fielding shots. This is a 1998 Topps card and most likely a 1997 Giambi, a Giambi capable of defense. Now let us look into the next couple of years and after his monster season of 2001 and go to:

A 2002 Giambi? Or the Yankees Bat Boys underneath a parachute? This is what happens when you don't play defense kids. Apparently Fleer's photographers aren't hot on getting a shot of player doing anything baseball related. Anyway, I guess this is a good lesson kids: Offense wins Championships, but a lack of defense gives you baseball cards like the one above.


  1. That must be one of the worst photoshopped cards of all time (the 02 Platinum). Either that or Giambi snuck into CC's locker and swiped one of his jerseys!

  2. I think he's has his arm inside of it? I don't know though it's a 2002, which was his first season with the Yanks if I'm not mistaken.


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