Saturday, May 11, 2013

90's Cardboard (Chrome): Defining Card

Ugh. This scan does not do this card any justice, but I'm going to push through like LeBron driving to the lane and finish this post. It's a 1994 Finest MVP insert of Mr. Ken Griffey Jr. "The Kid".

This card represents everything about my collecting prime. Most obvious it's of Ken Griffey Jr. The first baseball player to steal my heart. Naturally, I identified with Griffey because I was one of those left-handed weirdos, who had their writing hand "corrected" to the right hand in second grade. Thankfully, nobody touched my swing and I would spend years trying to imitate Griffey-until Ichiro came along-as you can imagine this did not do wonders for my baseball career.

Irregardless, this card also represents 90's with the colors. Oh thank the Lord for the colors! It's got all of them; blue, red, purple, green, orange. And the design is so fun, but yet so simple. It's just a fun card. Eight-year-old me would have preferred this card over anything with a wooden chunk or piece of cloth in it and honestly 23-year-old me enjoys it just as much.

Ok so it's Griffey, it's got colors, it's a Topps Finest (looks like a Chrome basically and the patent stipulates they used Chrome) AND to top it all off it's an insert. Remember inserts? Not your one per pack token inserts. I mean inserts. The ones you ripped packs for until you got the crazy cut above or what have you. Man those were the days!

I would like to say this card hails from my collecting past and I just stumbled across it, but that would be lying and I don't lie (at least not to you guys). The truth here is that I picked up this gem on eBay for less than a pack of whatever floats your boat on the rack today. 90's Cardboard (Chrome) always has a special place in my collection.


  1. If I tilt my laptop screen slightly, I see the colors you're talking about. I'm right there with you in terms on 90's inserts... what an awesome era.


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