Monday, April 8, 2013

First Look: 2013 Gypsy Queen

Had to grab the rack pack from Target and see what 2013 Gypsy Queen had to offer. I have to say I love the inserts, especially dealing aces. Seems like they're giving Pitchers the glory this year or maybe that was just what I got from these packs. The base design doesn't disappoint as usual and I really like the white bordered parallels that come in the retail rack pack. All of these cards are up for trade and I'd to get Brewers in return either Gallardo, Lucroy or Gomez would be really nice.

 Here's a pair of RCs to show you what the base cards look like. Very similar to previous years, same sketch picture and same finish to them. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

 On the left is a No-Hitters insert and on the right is the white bordered parallel. I really like how the No-Hitters insert looks like a framed card, it's definitely a nice insert set that I may consider collecting (so I'd accept any of those in trade as well).
 I also like this insert set. Love the contrast of the black and white. The design is sophisticated, not complicated and it's a clean insert. Although I don't know how much dealing Wainwright has done the last couple years after missing all of 2011 and having a pretty pedestrian year in 2012. He's a guy I've always begrudgingly liked. 
The Glove Stories insert pays homage to players that can flash some leather. I got Bryce Harper, but I can't help but wonder if the set features Mike Trout's signature catch from last year where he leaps over to rob a HR by the Southwest sign (I think?). Out of what I got this is the most lackluster insert set and doesn't really move anything forward, could have been in last years pack and I wouldn't have noticed anything too special about it.
The mini appears to be on card stock that has a more bluish tint. All three of my minis appeared this way.

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