Friday, April 26, 2013


Ok, so there is more than one reason this post is titled "Finally," but it's not that Matt Barkley *finally* got drafted, which cracks me up! I mean seriously, the guy was a top 10 pick, would have probably gone over Tannehill, Weeden and Russell Wilson last year. People would have discussed him and RGIII. Then he holds a press conference and talks about "unfinished business," by which I'm sure he meant getting to the Sun Bowl Hyundai Sun Bowl and sitting on the bench. I kind of feel bad for the kid and then I remember that he's still going to have a WAYYYYY better job than I had coming out of college. Back to the topic:

The first round is finally over, which is amazing because ESPN tried their best to fit every commercial possible between the later picks, which was excruciating torture for a Ravens fan. Anyway the Ravens FINALLY had their pick and took Matt Elam, whom I like very much. He's a play making, run supporting, hard hitting, more words that end in "ing" safety that will replace Bernard Pollard nicely and grow with the Ravens D. Then the Ravens took a LB out of Kansas State. The main win here was that Manti Teo didn't go to Baltimore. I just don't really like the guy in the Ravens scheme and I couldn't see him anchoring that D (not that Arthur Gordon is, but still).

Anyway, critics have mentioned the Ravens crazy losses on D - Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Ellerbe, Kruger and the aforementioned Pollard. BUT keep in mind the Ravens get Ladarius Webb (their best CB) back from injury this year, signed Michael Huff, Elvis Dumervil, Rolando McClain and Canty. Drafted a play making safety and LB. That's an improved pass rush, and some nice fill-ins at other locations that should make the Ravens D at least adequate to still contend. The only missing piece is Boldin, who I was sorry to see go.

 The second FINALLY comes in because I finally updated my baseball trade bait. I recently moved to Phoenix and only brought about 25% of my cards. What was I thinking? Where are my priorities? Well I figured I'd leave some at home and come back in 40 years to see what they're worth (jokes, I drive a Honda Civic and it was packed to the roof). Take a look though, I added some good ones. Link Below:

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