Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring Training Photo Journal

It's Sunday and I don't have the energy to muster up a full-on post about the recent Spring Training games, so I'll some photos do the talking, Enjoy!

 Greinke: No significance here, just his first pitch as a Dodger.

CJ Wilson gets extended off the mound. Fundamentals kids.

Caught a glimpse of Aramis Ramirez before he sprained his knee.

I'm surprised I was able to capture this guy on film. He's so fast I almost missed him. It's Billy Hamilton the minor leaguer turned superstar by virtue of his speed, which has lead to legendary tales of inside the park homers on routine fly balls and sliding into second on a steal before the catcher can pop up to make a throw. 

A great lefty swing from Mr. Votto. This particular swing lead to a double.

Jay Bruce has a nice lefty swing as well, but he didn't use it during this game to any fruition.

We started with Greinke and now we're at Alcides Escobar. Known in Brewers land the chip that landed Greinke. The Brewers since traded the stud pitcher to the Angels for a shortstop prospect. It all comes full circle doesn't it?

Catching prospect Devin Mesoraco roped a double down the line with this cut, you can see the ball hot off his bat. 

3B Mike Moustakas drops the bat head down for some solid contact, which yielded an extra base hit for him as well. 

... to right field apparently where Jay Bruce hurls the ball in to keep him at second.

Mesoraco almost loses his face on the throw. To be honest I don't think he got the guy out, but for the sake of the story let's say he gunned him. Now that's great journalism if I've ever seen it!

And right when you thought the story was flowing so well we get more pictures from the Dodgers // White Sox game. Andre Ethier had the green light on this pitch...

... and I don't know why. Gordon Beckham had time to tie his shoe, put seeds in his mouth and flip his shades down before he had to apply the tag to Ethier.

Back to the Reds // Royals and back to Mr. Votto and fundamentals. This is called a load and stride. 

This is a follow through. Though I don't recommend doing the one-hand thing that Mr. Todd Frazier does. He can pull it off because he holds the distinction of being the only player to hit a one-handed home run in a game. 

This is a better follow through and a pretty swing by up and comer Eric Hosmer. And just like the follow through is the last step of a great swing it is the last step of my Spring Training Photo Journal...for now.

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