Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spring Training Game 1: Contest

It was Opening Day down here at the Maryvale Baseball Park. Ok so it's not really like Opening Day, you're pretty much just hoping that no stars get injured and that your prospects play well, but it felt like Opening Day because it's baseball, finally! First let's start with the pregame action, which is something that makes Spring Training so great, autos:
Cargo... Ok I'll clarify, Carlos Gomez had a decent year last year. He dropped 17 HRs, but more importantly he covers ground in center field like a gazelle. He's a big body and the dude can FLY! He only ran over and signed about four things, so I was pretty lucky to get this one and as Outkast would say "It's so fresh and so clean", just look at that beautiful blue auto across a 2010 A&G card (in the jersey that they wore today nonetheless). On to the game:

Wonder where that ball is going?

So is newly acquired Chris Young. Yeah, Chris Young is wearing #25 for the A's apparently. That must mean they don't intend on retiring McGwire's number. I didn't notice, but have the A's had another significant #25 since McGwire?

If you couldn't tell Braun jacked one out of CF in his first AB, just another day at the office.

Say what you will about the steroids and the notes and Bosch and technicalities, it was still cool for me to see a Braun HR in person. As far as that stuff goes I'm realistic. I've cooled off on my Braun collection, but the Brewers are still my favorite team and the guy is fun to watch. All I hope is that he is clean now and that the truth, whatever that may be comes out in a way that answers all these questions. It's clearly never going away Braun is too good and every time he's in a discussion for MVP, batting title, leading the Crew to the Playoffs or what have you the steroid issue will be discussed.

There's the man himself Mr. Gomez, who signed my card. He's so fast by the time the shutter clicked on my camera Gomez had scored and it was the next inning already:

Jemile (better known in Brewers land as Rickie's brother) Weeks lays down a drag bunt. I wish I could say this was a cool play where Jemile beat it out or Aramis made a great play charging from 3B (who are we kidding?), but it was actually a foul ball.

The highlight of the game! The sausage race. Oh man, seriously Braun's HR got the people cheering, but that was like a golf clap compared to the cheers for the sausage race. Literally everyone was on their feet for this one. That's just one of the reasons it has to be one of the best promotions ever.

Polish won! And look the injured Corey Hart did make it Brewers camp... never mind that's Bernie Brewer. Now, for the contest portion. The first person to guess the three signatures on my ticket stub will get a prize package. The prize package will consist off what ever I darn well please to give you because it's free. I can assure you it's worth a try. To get the package you have to get all three correct with a maximum of four total guesses (I don't want anybody posting the entire roster, duh you'd be right). Four guesses, three players, get all three and I'll send you something cool. Deal? Ready Go!


  1. I'm going to go with Aoki, Logan Schaefer, and Hunter Morris.

    1. That's correct and you edged out Uncle Moe by one minute!

  2. Hunter Morris
    Norichika Aoki
    Logan Schafer


  3. Left to right:

    Johnny Hellweg?
    Nick Bucchi?
    Logan Schafer.

  4. I'll try
    Norichika Aoki
    Logan Shafer
    Wily Peralta
    Johnny Hellweg

    Those are some great photos

  5. My best guesses

    Jim Henderson
    Norichika Aoki
    Logan Schaffer

  6. Sure, I'll play: John Axford, Norichika Aoki, Logan Schafer, Ariel Pena.


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