Friday, January 25, 2013


Wow I haven't been posting a lot lately! I apologize for that. I've been distracted by graduating college and finding a job. Ok I'll come clean... I've been distracted by the Ravens awesome postseason run. I can't believe the Mile High Miracle and beating Tom Brady at home was icing on the cake. As for the job, I have found one and it looks like I'll be watching my Ravens in the SuperBowl from my new apartment in the city where this guy was just traded from:
That's right I'm moving to Phoenix, Arizona. Unfortunately, one of my favorite players no longer calls that home, but on a more positive note tons of teams call it home for Spring Training (including the Brewers). As my parents have reminded me I'm going down there to work of course, but hey nobody said catching baseball games every weekend through March was a bad idea. So what's this mean for you, my faithful followers?

This means that I have consolidated my collection into two shoe boxes. leaving most of my partially finished sets at home. This means I need to update my trade bait. It also means I will have a new address and knowing myself I will likely fall in love with some of the local players there or ones I see during Spring Training. In the next couple days if you read this post and would like to keep your records up to date please shoot me an email for my current address. The email is tied to my account, or cameronclow12 at gmail dotcom (really trying to keep this one somewhat spam free).

It'll take me a while to get settled and post new trade bait, but I'm excited to start busting some 2013's. Hope everyone has a great SuperBowl weekend next week.

Go Ravens!


  1. Another blogger in the valley cool. Let me know what part of the city you are going to live in and maybe I can point you to a card shop. Also there is a card show on 2-17. I probably won't make it but I can give you the information at least.

  2. That'd be awesome! Don't know if I'd make it, but I could definitely try to. Send the info to me at cameronclow12 at gmail dotcom. And I'm living kind of between Phoenix and Scottsdale (closer to Phoenix ) off of Camelback road.


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