Monday, December 24, 2012

NFL OROY: A Russell Wilson Debate

This year has truly been the year of the Quarterback. Recent seasons have seen rookie QB's come in and make a huge impact. I remember when Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco both lead their teams to the playoffs and that was a huge story. Since then (and probably before) it seems that QB's have been able to step in and have quick success. This year has taken a slight trend and turned into a downright epidemic.

Not only are Andrew Luck, RGIII and Russell Wilson leading their teams to the playoffs (or in RGIII's case playoff contention), but they are putting up huge numbers. Luck broke the yardage record set by Cam Newton, I believe RGIII broke Newton's RC QB rushing record and stands to break a QB rating record for rookies and Wilson, who was supposed to be a game manager has lead the Seahawks to over 120 points in the last three games and he sits one TD behind (two to break) Peyton Manning for the RC TD passing record.

So... Who wins Offensive ROY?

Previously this award hasn't been like the MVP, which seems to have a playoff bias, but with such strong performances I think that if RGIII's Redskins miss the playoffs it might hurt him in this voting. Then you look at Luck and Wilson. Even if you eliminate RGIII the ROY vote might be the tightest in history, putting him in their with his rushing stats is just unfair. Whoever wins will have surely deserved it, but 2nd and 3rd place of this year have numbers that would be shoe-in for the award.

I guess if we've learned one thing it's that rookie QB's can transform a team and they can do it in different ways. Luck, Wilson and RGIII are all different types of players and all have exceeded expectations. It's quite impressive, maybe teams will be more willing to turn the reigns over to a rookie in the future.

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  1. As a Hawks fan, I'd love to see Wilson lead them deep into the playoffs and end up winning the award. And the number of Luck's passing yards is just insane.

    But ultimately, I think RGIII will win next week and end up with the Offensive ROY Award.


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