Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two Card Swap with Fuji

The San Jose Fuji commented on my Barter Bait post asking for a couple relics that I picked up in a lot that I purchased for my 3,000 K pitcher collection. He wanted a Catfish Hunter relic and a Jim Palmer relic. I, having no personal attachment to these cards was willing to wheel and deal. And here's what I got:
2005 Elite Extra Edition Status Mark Rogers RC 12/30. For me this was pretty much the center piece of the deal. Rogers is a prospect for my favorite team, the Milwaukee Brewers and he should get some playing time this season. The second card I got was:
2006 SPX Haloti Ngata RC /1299. This will help out my Oregon Ducks and Baltimore Ravens collection, so any time I can score a nice Ngata rookie I will.

Fuji definitely came through big for me and sent the cards out quickly. It was a nice surprise to get the package during finals week and I was pumped to make this trade. I encourage all of you to check out his blog and trade with him if you can.

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